When Your Pool Isn’t Worth It

Getting in over your head with a pool is understandable. Most people spend more time on pool maintenance than they actually spend in the water. You can give up the constant maintenance and repair tasks of owning a pool, including frequent testing, buying chemicals, troubleshooting broken pool heaters and buying new safety covers. Just take the pool out of the ground! People in our city are having their pools removed at a greater rate than ever before.

If you’re still on the fence about pool demolition, it might be worth taking stock of the ways that your pool costs you in money and in stress. Consider if these costs are worth it to you:

  • Buying test strips and chemicals
  • The time spent on maintenance and repairs
  • The headache of pool cleaning
  • Repairing pumps, heaters, and other pool equipment
  • The headache of opening and closing the pool
  • Increased insurance costs due to pool liability
  • Potentially, the cost of paying for your pool maintenance
  • Combatting algae blooms
  • The headache of pool safety, including concern for the safety of children and pets

There are plenty of public pools in Phoenix that offer you the same kind of pool experience as the one at your home for much less cost and hassle. If you don’t feel like a pool membership is really worth the money, then the money to maintain a pool is probably not worth it to you either. If you don’t use your pool and spa on a near daily basis during the hot summer months, then chances are good that it’s worth saving the money.

The Best Phoenix Pool Demolition Team

When you just want to rid yourself of the headache of your yearly pool maintenance, the last thing you want is to add more stress. We make it simple with reliable, proper pool removal services. From the initial permit to the final clean-up, we see all Phoenix pool removals through to the end.

How does pool demolition work? We offer two services: partial and complete pool removal. In partial pool removal, we remove enough of the pool to allow your yard to drain properly when we fill the space back up with the proper material (often a specific grade of gravel and clean dirt.) With complete pool removal, we take out all of the pool before we fill the space in with the material.

We can assess your needs and advise you as to which form of pool removal is most likely to work with your future plans for your space. If you just want more grass or a garden, partial removal may work. Those who want to build outdoor kitchens or gazebos may fare better with a complete pool demolition.

We Handle 100% Of The Swimming Pool Removal Process

Removing a swimming pool can be a complicated process. The good news is that we handle all of it:

  • Swimming-pool demolition
  • Inground pool demolition
  • Above ground pool removal
  • Hot Tubs
  • And More

We can also remove your pool covers, pool liner, pool cleaning supplies, pool pumps, your filter system, and other pool accessories.

Our mission is to help you reclaim your backyard

The Dangers of Swimming Pools

Swimming pools offer relaxation, fun, and exercise, but they also come with several potential dangers. Understanding these risks can help ensure a safe swimming experience for everyone.

Drowning Risks

Drowning is the most significant danger associated with swimming pools. It can happen quickly and silently, especially with young children. Adequate supervision, pool barriers, and alarms are essential safety measures to prevent accidental drownings.

Chemical Hazards

Pools require chemicals like chlorine to maintain water quality. However, improper handling and storage of these chemicals can lead to accidents and health issues. Overexposure to chlorine can cause skin and eye irritation, respiratory problems, and even chemical burns. It’s crucial to follow guidelines for chemical use and ensure proper ventilation.

Waterborne Illnesses

Swimming in contaminated pool water can lead to waterborne illnesses caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Conditions like diarrhea, ear infections, and respiratory infections can result from poor pool hygiene. Regular pool maintenance, proper filtration, and encouraging swimmers to practice good hygiene can reduce these risks.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Wet pool decks can become slippery, leading to slip and fall accidents. These incidents can cause serious injuries, such as fractures and head trauma. Non-slip surfaces and clear signage can help prevent such accidents.

By being aware of these dangers and taking appropriate precautions, swimming pools can remain a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Protect Your Health & The Environment

Whether you need some ammunition to help convince your spouse to get rid of the pool, or you’re genuinely wondering if your pool is really a wise choice, the ways that a pool can impact both your health and the environment may surprise you.

  • Pool chemicals evaporate and harm local wildlife and good bacteria.
  • Overflow from pools contributes to the erosion of local bodies of water.
  • Pools waste a great deal of water in our already water-scarce environment.
  • Bacteria and viruses can multiply in pools and infect people.

Exposure to chlorine is known to have some negative health effects.

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