Pool Demolition in Chandler, AZ

A swimming pool in your backyard may seem like an ideal investment and landscaping addition, but let’s be honest, it drains money and time. What was once a fun and memorable area is now taking up all the space, preventing you from trying new landscaping designs and projects. Phoenix Pool Demolition can guarantee a safe and efficient process if you are ready to reclaim your yard. Whether it’s a residential or commercial pool, we have the expertise and equipment needed to complete the job. Even if you spent a lot of money on installation, here are reasons to consider pool demolition in Chandler.

our team will work on a pool demolition in Chandler, AZ
an empty and not used pool

No One to Use It

After creating fond memories with your kids, they have grown up and moved out, leaving you with a pool that’s no longer in use. If you don’t regularly use or maintain the pool, it starts to deteriorate, risking expensive repairs to keep it in tip-top condition. Once you notice telltale signs of damage, like parts breaking, it may be time to get rid of the pool. Even if our contractors get rid of the pool, we can’t eliminate the memories you’ve made.

Remodeling Costs

Whether the roof deck needs resurfacing or rotten planks need replacement, your pool requires routine maintenance, which costs money. The last thing you want is to deal with broken tiles or resurfacing issues, taking a sizeable amount of your income to redesign your pool, deck, and landscape. A swimming pool is a temporary addition to your landscape, and when you are ready to let it go, we can help. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars annually on maintenance, yet no one can use it.

Severe Damages

Replacing a cracked tile is one thing, but once the entire tile is damaged, you need more effective solutions. A leak can be costly and often a sign of a more severe underlying problem. You can incur hefty repair costs and routine maintenance for a pool you use less than two months a year or save money by reclaiming your yard. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best, and Phoenix Pool Demolition can help you with demolitions.

a damaged pool that requires a costly investment

You Are Moving Out

If you are moving out and renting the property, the pool might be a legal or insurance liability. In such scenarios, weighing the benefits from the negatives is vital. Unless the rent can cover pool maintenance and insurance without compromising your return on investment, the best option is to hire a professional pool removal service in Chandler. Some people buy a house with a pool and want to create room for other landscaping projects, hence the need to have a reputable demolition contractor.

These are some common reasons residents in Chandler consider pool demolition, and we can ensure the project is completed efficiently and successfully. Regardless of why you want to reclaim your backyard, contact us at Phoenix Pool Demolition to talk to our contractors. We leverage extensive industry knowledge and expertise to guarantee exceptional services at friendly rates.

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