Pool Demolition in Glendale, AZ

Glendale is home to many historical attractions and entertainment facilities, but the most noticeable fact is the constant ongoing improvements. These are reasons many people and businesses are establishing roots in the city. While there are various projects homeowners can handle alone, pool demolition should be left to professionals. The slightest error can cause severe injuries and damages, exceeding your budget and timeline.

If you need to get rid of your pool for whatever reason, Phoenix Pool Demolition is the go-to service provider in Glendale. We leverage extensive industry experience and skills to customize a demolition plan suited for your property. A DIY project can quickly go sideways, hence the need to work with an experienced contractor. Here are why you should hire us for pool demolition in Glendale.

our team were called to do a pool demolition in Glendale, AZ
a partial pool removal

The Right Pool Removal Technique

When dealing with in-ground pools, we usually recommend partial or complete pool removal. Whichever process is used, you can use engineered and non-engineered backfill to restore your yard. We use industry-standard equipment and proven removal methods to ensure your pool is drained, demolished, and hauled away, leaving a hole that can be filled with sod or other landscaping material. If you don’t know about getting rid of a pool, don’t try it without a certified contractor on site.

Quality Partial Pool Removal

Partial pool fill-in, also called partial removal, is the most common method. While it may seem straightforward, it is not easy. Our contractors drain the pool effectively by putting holes and layering the remaining concrete before filling it with soil and ensuring it is secure. Look for signs of improper partial removal, like sinking, swelling, and lack of seepage, which can lead to a cave-in or a mud pool. Additionally, we follow the city’s pool demolition requirements and acquire the proper permits to prevent hefty fines and legal action.

Proper Equipment and Tools

Pool demolition is a rigorous and invasive process that requires proper tools and equipment. While your toolbox or shed may contain a few helpful accessories, nothing comes close to the heavy-duty equipment Phoenix Pool Demolition leverages. Even if you were to hire the equipment, you would risk injuries and property damages without proper skills and expertise. We have a vast catalog of professional equipment, allowing us to provide exceptional pool demolition services in Glendale.

our pros use the heavy duty equipment on every pool demolition job

Securing Gas and Electrical Lines

As mentioned, pool removal is a highly invasive project and potentially dangerous. Some safety hazards associated with DIY projects include damages to surrounding utility lines, especially gas, plumbing, and electricity. As a professional pool demolition service, our contractors know where and what to look for, ensuring your utility lines are secure. The last thing you want is severe property damage and expensive repairs.

If you are ready to say goodbye to your old pool and welcome a new yard structure, we can help you reclaim your space. Contact us at Phoenix Pool Demolition and schedule an appointment with our representatives in Glendale. Enjoy top-quality services and customer service at competitive market rates.

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