Swimming pools are an excellent way to cool off this summer whether in your backyard or a public facility. While pools are fun and spread a lot of cheer among children and adults, they can become very dangerous. Plenty of accidents across the United States happen around pools, and in severe cases, they can be fatal to people of all ages. If someone incurs an injury near the pool, it can be the premise’s liability. However, you may be held responsible for negligence in accidents in your backyard because of failing to uphold safety standards.

Causes of Serious Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pools cause many accidents annually, and the most serious is drowning. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 4,000 people die yearly from accidental drowning. This is more than ten people daily, showing how serious swimming pool accidents occur. One of every five people who die in swimming pools is a child below 14 years old. Here are common causes of swimming pool accidents in the U.S.

Swimming Skills

Swimming is not a skill many possess, regardless of age. If an adult or child falls into the swimming pool’s deep end and doesn’t know how to swim, the situation can become fatal quickly. Enrolling in swimming lessons is the best way to minimize swimming accidents like drowning. This goes a long way in equipping you or your loved one with skills to safely maneuver inside the deep waters. You can also use floating apparatus in the pool to help you stay afloat.

Drain Covers

Drains are another cause of swimming pool accidents, as they can create a suction that traps children underwater. Whether it’s a private or public pool, it is advisable to cover all the drains and ensure children are aware of the risk drains pose. The last thing any parent or guardian wants is a trapped child under the pool, gasping for air. If the pool in your yard doesn’t have drain covers, you need to ensure they are covered to mitigate accidents in the future.


A four-sided fence can be an excellent addition around the pool to close it off from children and pets. It also prevents unauthorized access to the swimming pool at any time and ensures an adult is present to prevent accidents. Research shows pool accidents occur even when the pool is not in use, and erecting a fence with a self-latching or self-closing gate can enhance safety.


Children often drown quickly and quietly, even if there’s an adult present. Children below four years are the most prone to drowning accidents, and adults should always have their younger relatives in their line of sight. If you have a child in your care or frequently watch children, learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is crucial. This life-saving procedure can mitigate further damage following a drowning accident.

A swimming pool in your backyard might have been an excellent addition to your property, but it can also become a safety hazard without the proper care and maintenance. If you want to get rid of your backyard pool for a safer landscaping project, contact us at Phoenix Pool Demolition and schedule a consultation with our expert contractors.