Pool Demolition in Mesa, AZ

While we hope pools are a way to stay cool, they often raise our blood pressure instead. Managing a pool, especially one that is older and needs expensive repair work, can be quite frustrating. In fact, pools are such a hassle that pool demolition in Mesa, AZ, is surging in popularity. Your average homeowner just no longer has the time or inclination to perform pool maintenance, and many home buyers are even looking specifically for homes without pools. If it’s time for you to join those free of their backyard stressor, work with our professional team to get your pool demolition done right.

our team is about to work on a pool demolition in Mesa, AZ

Reduce Your Stress

Life should be simpler. Removing your pool can definitely help. If you’ve owned a home with a pool for a long time, you may start to take for granted the stressors it adds to your life. You might be surprised at how relieved you’ll really be. Here are some of the stresses you’ll be relieved of when you remove your pool:

man stressed about owning a backyard pool
  • Supervision: There are laws requiring homeowners in the United States to have fences around their pools, yet 350 children still drown per year in our country. Simply by owning a pool, you need to watch children and pets near them and even prevent neighborhood kids from being attracted to the pool.
  • Pool chemicals: It kind of seems like they come out with a new pool chemical every year to address the unsavory things in your water. You used to have a simple choice between chlorine and bromine to keep it clean. Now you might need algaecide, pH up, PH down, pool cleaners, and different kinds of pool shocks. Not to mention testing the pool is a hassle.
  • Repairs: Old pools especially can require a number of repairs per year. You might think of the heater, pump, and filter as the first suspects for expensive repair. But the pool siding, the pavers near the pool, and even landscaping exposed to pool water may all need repairs too.
  • Liability: If someone suffers an accident near your pool you can be held liable. Your insurance company is acutely aware of that and often limits pool coverage on homeowner’s insurance policies. Instead, you have to pay for a whole separate policy for your pool.
  • Pool costs: All of this, from the pool chemicals and maintenance tools to the extra insurance your pool needs, ends up costing you quite a bit of money. Never mind the utilities to just keep the pump and heater going.

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Protect the Environment

The climate in Mesa might seem like the perfect reason to have a pool. But our climate also means that pools are a huge waste of our most precious resource: water.Pools also have a disproportionately large impact on the environment in hot climates like ours. How can pools impact the environment?

  • Chemical exposure: When it is hot outside, pool water evaporates. This causes you to waste water by filling the pool back up. But also, that evaporated water releases chemicals into the air. They can damage your landscaping and also local wildlife.
  • Water management: Draining your pool, even a bit, is often necessary to keep the water healthy. But, doing so can overwhelm the stormwater system, contribute to local erosion, and cause other damage.

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