Pool Demolition in Scottsdale, AZ

We’re getting more calls for pool demolition in Scottsdale, AZ, than ever before. Pools can be thousands of dollars per year to maintain.Not to mention all the time you need to spend ensuring they are maintained and safe for children and pets. When you live in Scottsdale, there are so many fantastic resorts nearby that your pool probably doesn’t measure up anyway. Find out how pool demolition works and why it will benefit you below.

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The Benefits of Pool Demolition

Why get your pool removed from your backyard? There are so many benefits, including:

  • Reclaim your space: A pool takes up so much room in your yard. You could be doing plenty of other things with that space, from adding an outdoor kitchen and more entertaining space to adding gardens and a gazebo.
  • Fill up the money pit: Few homeowners do the math on exactly how much money they spend on their pool per year. From utilities to maintenance, chemicals, repairs, and pool accessories, it is usually a lot. You don’t need to keep spending this much.
  • Get peace of mind: Even with fencing around the pool, pets and children are curious, and there is always the risk that they get into the pool when unsupervised. For many people, this is a big source of stress.
  • Attract certain buyers: While some homebuyers are looking for homes with pools, others specifically avoid them. If your home might be attractive to young families or seniors, neither of whom feels a pool is safe or worth their time, then taking the pool out might be the best way to sell your home.
  • Be more sustainable: A pool uses a ton of water. It evaporates chemicals into the local environment. It can also contribute to erosion. Getting rid of your pool is certainly a green decision.

The Process of Pool Removal

So, you want that pool out of the ground. How is it done? We wish it were as simple as pouring dirt into the pool and planting some grass but that would just cause a giant mud pit. We’re experienced professionals who know how to remove the pool properly in accordance with local codes and smart construction practices. A typical pool removal goes like this:

  • Initial inspection and planning
  • Securing permits
  • Draining the pool and disposing of the water
  • Demolishing and removing some or all pool shell parts
  • Removing/capping utility lines, including electrical, gas, water, sewer
  • Adding gravel, clean fill dirt, or the right backfill for the situation
  • Grading and tamping the ground
  • Removal of all debris and proper recycling or disposal
  • Adding fresh new landscaping, if desired
  • Final inspection

We handle every aspect of pool removal so that you can finally be free of the stress of your pool.

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Can You Remove My Pool?

Our team has the equipment and knowledge to remove almost all types of pools, including:

  • Inground pools
  • Indoor pools
  • Vinyl swimming pools
  • Fiberglass swimming pools
  • Gunite swimming pools
  • More

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