Pool Removal in Peoria, AZ

It isn’t a surprise people love living in the Peoria area. It is nestled in the Salt River valley with beautiful views of the mountains to the north of the area. Peoria is well-known for its hiking trails and proximity to Phoenix as a suburb. Peoria has long been a hub for people who want to enjoy watching sports as well as the arts, and the thriving community embraces outdoor living at its best. If you have lived in the Peoria area for years, or perhaps you are looking to relocate, you may be thinking about getting rid of an existing pool as a way to make improvements to your backyard. Here are some reasons you may want to look into demolishing your existing swimming pool in the Peoria area.

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The Trend Away from Swimming Pools

Recent outdoor trends in Arizona seem to indicate that people want to move away from the typical backyard swimming pool found in many areas in Arizona. There are several reasons why owning a pool may not be the right fit for your family.

backyard lawn added after pool demolition

One of the biggest reasons people in Peoria want to get rid of their swimming pools is that they can take up an overwhelming amount of space in their backyards. If you have a small backyard to begin with, the last thing you want is to lose half of your yard to a swimming pool that no one uses. You could use that space for a conversation area with a fire feature for those cool Arizona nights, for example.

Many families see owning a swimming pool as dangerous, especially if they have small children or animals. Even if the swimming pool has a fence around it, you may worry that a child could endanger themselves around the pool area. You may also face higher homeowner’s insurance rates if you own a pool.

One of the biggest reasons families are moving away from pool ownership is that pools can be expensive to repair and maintain. The older a pool is, the more costly it can become. If no one is using your pool, it creates an unnecessary expense you don’t need. Depending on the size of your pool, it can cost up to $10,000 to maintain or repair. You may think that large amount of money could be spent in other ways around your home.

Today’s homeowner is also more environmentally conscious. Traditional freshwater pools and saltwater pools use a lot of water at a time when water conservation is critical to maintaining our fabulous Arizona lifestyle. Not only is pool water a drain on aquifers and area water supplies, but all pools use chemicals to maintain them, which can create a completely different hazard. Yards in desert areas like Arizona are reverting back to a more naturalistic use of native plant species and away from artificial landscapes with pools.

Owning a pool may even decrease the value of your home if you are in the market to sell your home. Pools are attractive to some homebuyers, but not everyone sees them as a benefit.

Thinking About Pool Demolition?

If you want to move forward with the current thinking and demolish your existing pool, you need to give Phoenix Pool Demolition a call. We are experts in both partial and complete pool demolition services. Why not give Phoenix Pool Demolition a call today and let us schedule a free pool demolition consultation for you?

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