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While the name choice for the Surprise, Arizona community is of dubious origin, the people who live in the Surprise area love its location, community feeling, and low cost of living rate. In addition, Surprise is the perfect area to live in if you’re a baseball fan, as both the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Rangers hold their spring training sessions in Surprise. The area is full of recreational activities as well, from pickleball to swimming to tennis. One thing that many homeowners in the Surprise area are moving away from is owning a swimming pool. Increasingly, homeowners in Surprise are looking to demolish their pools as a way to reinvigorate their backyards.

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The Trend Away from Swimming Pools

Why are residents in the Surprise area moving away from swimming pool ownership? There are several reasons people in Arizona no longer want the responsibility of owning and maintaining a swimming pool.

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Swimming pools can be dangerous. Hundreds of children under five years old drown in swimming pools each year, and if you have small children or grandchildren, its a constant worry. Your homeowner’s insurance rates may be higher if you have a backyard pool as well.

Swimming pools take up a lot of space. If you already have a small backyard to begin with, you may not want a swimming pool taking up half of your liveable backyard area. Instead, you may want to use that area for a backyard kitchen, an herb garden, or a patio space to gather with friends and family.

Swimming pools represent a financial drain, because they are expensive to both maintain and repair. If you have an older pool, maintenance may be more expensive, and you may feel the expense isn’t justified in your family budget. Because pools can cost so much money to repair as well as maintain, demolishing your pool may save your family as much as $10,000 each year. That’s enough money for your family to take a two-week vacation!

Swimming pools represent an environmental hazard for homeowners. Whether your pool is freshwater or saltwater, you’ll need pool chemicals to maintain its clarity and to keep algae out of the pool water. Those chemicals are hazardous to the environment. Pools also waste thousands of gallons of water each year, which many homeowners see as detrimental to the Arizona lifestyle they love. Homeowners want to move away from wasteful water usage and towards a more natural-looking yard.

Swimming pools represent a liability to many potential homebuyers. While some people are looking for homes with pools in the Surprise area, others do not want to buy a home with a pool, which means you miss out on a sale.

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